Cosmetic Cases & More
Handmade / One-of-a-Kind / Upcycled

A One-Of-A-Kind Shopping Experience.

At DaniJayne, we hand-create cosmetic cases from upcycled clothing and other fabrics. All pieces are lined with upcycled plastics.

To shop, you can "Build Your Own" by selecting the size, shape, and feel of your pouch!  Or, you can shop our pre-designs to take the surprise out of your shopping.

Because we exclusively use post-consumer, recycled materials, all pieces are one-of-a-kind!

If you have materials of your own that you'd like to be upcycled, please inquire here.

Based in Boston, MA.

T:   781-467-9226

E:  contact@danijayne.com

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Photography Credits: Mike Albano

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